Upcycled Surfboards – Barrel Surfers

Upcycled Surfboards – Barrel Surfers

Surfer Chicks & Pooch – Fun day out with sweet lil waves 🙂

Rainbow Surfer Dude & Pooch – Cool wall feature for a giggle.  My first rainbow board lives on in art.  🙂

Surfer Chick & Pooch  –  A lovely wall feature, ceramic sculpture in an upcycled surfboard hand built by Victoria.

Storm Swell – PLF – Little surfers paddling like fury to get over that wave !  Hand built ceramic sculpture by Victoria…

Surfer Chick – Love Love Love surfing !  Upcycled surfboard wall feature for that special place in your home to remind you to play in the ocean often.

‘Victoria & Elle’ ... This is my Upcycled surfboard (shaper Syd Willmett)  after enjoying bunches of fun and laughter at the beach… Now lives on in art !!  Dedicated to our darling Old English Sheepdogs ‘Libby & Elle’ now in doggie heaven 🙂 xx

Surfer ‘Ronnie & pooch Reefer’ sliding thru … Local surfer at Currumbin Alley ‘ Ronnie headstanding all the way from the point ! ‘


Surfer & Pooch taking the drop ! Woo Hoo ….  Big Thanks to local surfer Scotty who had a rough day surfing, breaking one of his favourite boards.  Local shaper Stu of Maximum Surfboards who created this awesome board 🙂

This upcycled stick has been reinvented to bring a smile to your face reminiscing the awesome roady you had with your favourite surfboard, till it went over the falls ! The wave and caricature barrel surfer dude set in the board with an inlay of fluffy froth.  Personalised to your requirements 🙂  Wall feature with  hanger at back of the board – approx. H 1 mtr x W – 50cm D – 15cm

Barrel Dude in Recycled Surfboard Barrel Dude in Recycled Surfboard a

Little surfer dude out on his short board ripin it up !

Barrel Ride - Upcycled Surfboard - close up b  Barrel Ride - Upcycled Surfboarda

This upcycled surfboard with barrel surfer, has our endangered black cockatoo watching over our surfer !

Upcycled Surfboard of Love

Stands on base of fins and has tiny mermaid surfing thru the love heart 🙂 nfs